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Eco Grid 1, Ecoliv Display 3

Eco Grid 1

Caring for the planet and reducing the environmental footprint of your home doesn’t mean you need to live in a rustic cabin on a remote bush block. The EcoGrid display home offers a perfect solution to ensuring you look after Mother Nature while still indulging yourself with some luxury. The EcoGrid demonstrates a range of beautiful and sustainable upgrades, including:

  • 8 star energy rated compact and thoughtful design
  • Off-grid solar-power system and battery storage
  • Solar-powered hot water
  • Double-glazed windows
  • Natural timber cladding
  • Carbon-neutral paint
  • Recycled glass insulation
  • Vertical garden walls and roof systems
  • Recycled steel pergola

Project Type: Single Storey Display Home - Eco Design Range

Structure: 1 Module

Living Area: 67.85m2

Deck: 14.96m2

Ecoliv Eco Grid 1
Price Range

$176,000 - $280,000* + GST

*with upgrades as displayed.

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