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Sustainable Living

Offering a range of resource-efficient elements as standard inclusions, Ecoliv designs and builds for sustainability. With each new building achieving a minimum 7-star energy rating and including a 1.8kw solar power system and 10,000 litre water tank to each new home, we take every opportunity to reduce our impact on the natural environment as well as human health.
With no hidden costs or unexpected extras, choosing Ecoliv for your next home or commercial space is a wise financial and environmental investment.

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The Eco Design Range

Industry leading prefabricated designs for both residential and commercial purposes. The Eco Design Range can be oriented to suit your site, enabling optimal energy ratings and thermal comfort year-round.
Design Range

Recent Projects

ecoliv eco studio

Eco Studio Project

Single Storey

Perfect for a studio, accommodation or residential.

Ecoliv Cape Woolamai Project

Cape Woolamai Project

Single Storey

Custom designed 4 bedroom family home.

Ecoliv San Remo Project

San Remo Project

Double Storey

Custom designed pairing of form and function.