Our Range of Modular Homes

As the leaders in sustainable modular homes with award-winning modular home designs, we currently have over 27 prefab designs to choose from based on our most popular designs chosen by customers. Want something tailored to you and your specific needs that doesn't fit within our existing modular homes? Scroll down to see our bespoke design options and build-your-own with a combination of existing or custom modules of with your choice of facade. Get in touch with us to discuss your options or to discuss your new eco prefab home!

OPTION 1 - Pre designed

Our range of pre designed floor plans provide the confidence of a confirmed construction cost with our standard construction inclusions. The pre designed options available can be oriented to suit your site to achieve optimal energy ratings and thermal comfort.


Bespoke design utilising standard size modules

Our professional building designers work closely with each client during the Preliminary Design and Development Stage to create a bespoke configuration utilising our range of standard size rooms. The customised configuration will be oriented to suit your site to achieve a passive solar design and optimal energy rating. Our range of standard size rooms provides compact yet functional spaces which can be configured in a range of module combinations.

Modules - Customise your home

Modular Home Floor Plans

To achieve a minimum 7 star energy rating, many Ecoliv Buildings are a bespoke conguration of our standard size modules to suit your site and living requirements. The standard modules below can be added to an existing home or congured in any way to create your dream sustainable home or extension. For more information on adding modules to an existing home email info@ecoliv.com.au

Our professional building designers work closely with each client during the preliminary design and development stage to congure your preferred options into modules which comply with our construction and delivery methods and are suited to your site to obtain optimal energy ratings and passive house standards. Some suggested module combinations are below as an example of how this is achieved.

Modules details Modules details Modules details
Facades - Ecoliv Modular Homes

Facade Options

OPTION 3 - Bespoke design utilising bespoke modules

To provide complete flexibility our building designers can work with you to create a bespoke design to suit your requirements with non-standard module sizes. Progression to the Preliminary Design and Development stage is required to provide construction costs for bespoke designs.

Or if you already have plans from an architect that comply with our maximum module dimensions we can assess for viability of a prefab construction and delivery to your site and provide you with a Preliminary Construction Estimate.

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