Award-winning custom home builders

Custom home builders

Looking to build a new custom home, but would like it tailored to suit your unique style, site, household and needs? As experienced custom home builders, Ecoliv can custom design your home to suit your site and meet your specific requirements. Whether you’d like to select a combination of modules from different ranges or want a complete custom home design, our experienced team will work with you to bring your natural Ecoliv dream to fruition.

Award-winning custom home builders

Dream home projects: custom home design inspiration

In search of inspiration for your custom home build? From single-storey, double-storey and even off-grid living, our featured custom build projects will inspire your new dream home. Explore our featured custom homes.

    Ready to customise your dream home? Speak to the sustainable custom home building experts

    Our experienced team will be by your side through each phase of our simple four-step process to make your dream custom home build a reality.

    • Stage one. Pre-construction

      We guide you through the pre-construction custom home journey to ensure the design suits your site and minimises environmental impact before we confirm all details in readiness for contract signing.

    • Stage two. Approvals

      We take care of documentation, schedules, building permits and town planning during the approval phase to ensure the construction of your custom home runs smoothly and efficiently.

    • Stage three. Contract

      It’s time to make it official – we’ll review and finalise your contract documents, ensuring all details are in place. Upon signing, you’ll receive the necessary insurance certificates, including domestic builders and project‑specific warranty coverage.

    • Stage four. Construction

      We’ll build your custom modular home in our EcoHub construction facility over 20 weeks, deliver it to your site and connect it to services. Then, we’ll join you for a final inspection before it’s time to move into your new custom home! With Ecoliv’s range of custom homes, there’s no need to search for custom homes in Melbourne, or luxury custom homes Sydney. Ecoliv’s range of bespoke custom homes is designed and built in Victoria but can be transported anywhere in Australia.

    Frequently asked questions about Ecoliv's award-winning custom designed homes

    A custom home is a truly one-of-a-kind home tailored from the ground up to suit your preferences, lifestyle, location and site. You’ll collaborate with Ecoliv’s team of experts and designers to determine the optimum orientation for your site, design the layout and spaces, and select your colour scheme, facade and finishes.

    Dreaming of a sprawling deck for outdoor dining? Or a perfectly configured open plan kitchen and living area? Or perhaps you want to design your ultimate primary bedroom retreat? Working with a custom home builder is the best way to achieve all your greatest needs and desires in your home. Building a bespoke home gives you much greater flexibility than building off-the-plan where you can tailor the design for the way you live, to maximise space, to suit your values and express your personal taste.

    The best way to understand custom builds? Explore our featured custom home projects to be inspired by what your Ecoliv built home could look like.

    The following key costs need to be considered when assessing the budget for any custom build project:

    • Pre-construction fees.
    • The construction cost of the custom design.
    • Transportation and delivery fees.

    For example, to help understand the likely cost of your custom build, the EcoHut 1A design, a 1 bedroom 1 bathroom studio home, starts from $189,000 whereas our 4 bedroom 2 bathroom EcoLiving 4A design starts from $496,000.

    When you’re researching to find the best custom builder to build your dream home there are several factors to weigh up and questions you should ask. Can they deliver the type of project you want on budget and on time? Are their materials sustainably sourced? What warranties do they have for their homes? What is the minimum energy rating of their builds? Do they assist with the necessary building permits? How do they reduce their environmental impact? Do you feel comfortable working with their team?

    With over 13 years of sustainable home building experience, at Ecoliv we pride ourselves on our excellent open communication, friendly and approachable customer support team and quality homes that don’t cost the earth. Contact usto find out more and visit our display home or watch a client testimonial from our Northcote Project, a custom inner-city build.

    By its nature, every custom home is an individual and unique project, and every owner has different requirements. There are several elements that affect the timing and schedule of each custom home project (such as the scope of your project and amount of revisions required). Each stage has time variances and can also be influenced by a number of factors influenced by the final custom design.

    Your site will also dictate aspects of collating and documenting all that is required for approvals. Approval times can also vary depending on the complexities of the project requirements.

    One of the crucial elements in the overall process is to create clear, open lines of communication between owner and builder so expectations and timings are clear from the outset. This is what we pride ourselves on achieving in every project at Ecoliv.

    Your new home should include everything your lifestyle needs and add long term value to your investment. Our optional upgrades can end up saving you time and money in the long run and make your home that little bit more practical and fun to live in, so are well worth considering. Options include carports, outdoor and indoor entertaining units, electric car charging, plunge pool, home power and water monitoring, mobility packages and more.


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