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Sustainable Living

Eco friendly prefabricated modular homes

Offering a range of resource-efficient elements as standard inclusions, Ecoliv designs and builds for sustainability. With each new building achieving a minimum 7-star energy rating and including a 1.8kw solar power system and 10,000 litre water tank to each new home*, we take every opportunity to reduce our impact on the natural environment as well as human health.

Did you know that incorporating sustainable design components into your building has immediate and long-lasting lifestyle and health benefits, and it can even boost the value of your property? A recent Australian study found that on average, a 1 star improvement in energy ratings translates to a 3 per cent increase in market value. With no hidden costs or unexpected extras, choosing Ecoliv for your next home or commercial space is a wise financial and environmental investment.

Always searching for innovative ways to improve building efficiency throughout its lifecycle, Ecoliv focuses on the following key areas to ensure streamlined system integration and optimal operational performance.

Passive Solar Design

Pivotal to Ecoliv’s resource-efficient and sustainable ethos is our commitment to passive solar design. Climate responsive, our quality homes are designed for comfort, taking advantage of natural light while collecting, storing and distributing solar energy to ensure your abode is maintained at a pleasant temperature all year round. Eliminating the need for expensive heating and cooling (which accounts for around 40% of energy use in the average Australian home) passive solar design works with the climate, not against it.

To achieve optimal passive solar design, Ecoliv considers the following key elements:


Our design team evaluate your site to determine the best orientation for your new home or commercial building. Considering seasonal variations, sun position and wind patterns, we ensure your building is ideally aligned to take advantage of passive heating and cooling, letting the warm winter sun in and keeping the hot summer sun out. We also place windows strategically to maximise cross ventilation opportunities and assist with natural temperature control.

Utilising effective shading for your home can dramatically reduce the discomfort of hot summer temperatures, while also saving you valuable energy and money. A variety of shading techniques can help, from fixed or adjustable shading options to suit your site orientation, climate and latitude.

A well-insulated home goes hand-in-hand with good design, providing year-round comfort. All Ecoliv homes include site appropriate insulation to walls, floors and ceilings. This, in turn, helps you to maintain the perfect indoor climate, save on cooling and heating, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Capturing picturesque views, windows connect indoor living seamlessly with your outdoor space, encouraging natural light and ventilation throughout your home. On the flip side, they can also be a major source of unwanted summer heat along with a cause of significant heat loss in winter.

That’s why Ecoliv uses double glazed, energy efficient windows in all our buildings, saving you money on expensive power bills while providing you with a comfortable environment for you and your family.

Sealing your home from drafts and air leakage is one of the simplest ways to keep your indoor climate just right. In addition, it can reduce your energy bills and carbon emissions by up to a colossal 25 per cent. Ecoliv ensure each building we construct is sealed correctly, giving you better functionality and helping you to control unnecessary costs.

Construction Options

100% Timber Construction for Standard Truck Delivery

For sites that can have clear access for a straightforward truck delivery, Ecoliv construct with 100% timber which is the most cost effective and sustainable construction method. A site analysis will determine viability for a standard truck delivery.

Timber/Steel Construction for Crane Delivery

For more challenging sites with limited access or multi storey designs, Ecoliv deliver modules to site via truck and crane lift each module into place. Crane lifting modules requires steel in the construction to enable the crane to attach and lift the module. Our Engineers design the steel component to suit your design and delivery method.

Built on site

We also offer on site builds to local areas within 100km radius of our construction facility in Wonthaggi, Victoria. Our trades will use the same sustainable construction materials and methods to construct any of our design options on site. Although onsite construction doesn’t achieve the same time efficiencies and site disturbance issues as constructing in our controlled construction facility environment, we can still ensure your home is sustainable and energy efficient.