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Ecoliv Display Centre Virtual Tour

The ECOLIV Virtual Tour provides you with an insider’s look at one of our beautiful display homes. Come join us as we guide you through this gorgeous, light-filled space.

South Golden Beach Project Video

Located at one of the idyllic villages in Bryon Shire NSW, the South Golden Beach Project epitomises the Australian coastal lifestyle. Adopting passive solar principles and maximising the site orientation

Sustainable Home Building Materials

Why Ecoliv Embraces Sustainable Plantation Timber and Sustainable Home Building Materials The focus at Ecoliv is to make beautiful modular homes that are architecturally sophisticated, environmentally responsible, affordable and resource-efficient.

Project of the Month: Kilcunda

-Location and Vision- The Kilcunda Project is located on the rugged southern Victorian coastline. The seaside village is characterised by its beaches and sand dunes offering scenic views back along

Sustainable homes post Covid-19 

How will they look? The current pandemic that is shaking up life as we know it has had many people reflecting on and changing how they live. From homeschooling, working

Kilcunda Project Video

The Kilcunda project was designed to maximise northern orientation whilst showcasing views of the ocean to the south on a sloping exposed coastal site. The minimalist barn-like exterior is robust

Our commitment to 5 Environmental Goals

If you resonate with the old saying, where attention goes, energy flows, then the concept of goal setting becomes a non-negotiable part of intentional living and business practices. When setting

User Friendly Smart Modular Home

Our homes have long been considered a place of shelter, and true to the 16th century origin of this word, they have served us as a shield, protecting us from

Project of the Month:
San Remo

– Location and Vision – This modular home resides in the small fishing settlement of San Remo, southeast of Melbourne, intended to be a holiday refuge for a busy professional

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