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Our commitment to 5 Environmental Goals

If you resonate with the old saying, where attention goes, energy flows, then the concept of goal setting becomes a non-negotiable part of intentional living and business practices. When setting

Ecoliv 2 Smart Modular Homes

-User Friendly Smart Home Initiatives- Our homes have long been considered a place of shelter, and true to the 16th century origin of this word, they have served us as

Project of the Month:
San Remo

– Location and Vision – This modular home resides in the small fishing settlement of San Remo, southeast of Melbourne, intended to be a holiday refuge for a busy professional

7 Interior Design Trends 2020

New decade, new interior design trends 2020. This new year marks the beginning of a new decade and with it a move into the next phase of interior design trends.

Project of the Month: Jindabyne house

Project of the Month  – Jindabyne house –   The Spirit of Location  – Mowamba River- The Jindabyne project makes its home in the Mowamba River region, known primarily for


Sustainable Building Materials and Sustainable Home Design At Ecoliv we are inspired by, and aim to protect Australia’s natural environment through our choices in using sustainable building materials and reducing

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