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Delivering to your site

We can transport our prefabricated module buildings anywhere in Australia

Ecoliv delivers Australia wide, ready to connect to existing services or to be completely self-sufficient. From narrow inner-city sites to remote areas and across water to islands, including Tasmania, our specialist installation team have the experience and expertise to ensure smooth delivery to your site.

Standard Truck Delivery

100% Timber Construction

For sites with clear access, we construct with 100% timber. Perfect for a straightforward truck delivery, this is the most cost-effective and sustainable construction method. For delivery, each complete module requires a driver, flatbed truck and a convoy with pilot cars, which help guide the wide loads through the streets and highways to get to your site safely.

Our flatbed trucks have steering axels which enable manoeuvrability around corners and elevate or lower the load to avoid obstacles, such as fence posts and powerlines. Once we reach your site, we use a hydraulic system to manoeuvre the modules onto pre-prepared footings.

Crane Delivery

Timber/Steel Construction

For more challenging sites with limited access or multi-storey designs, we deliver modules to site via truck and crane lift each module into place. Crane lifting modules require steel to be included in the construction, which enables the crane to attach and lift each module. Our engineers design the steel component to suit your delivery needs.

As each site is different, a full site assessment is undertaken to ensure smooth coordination and delivery of your modules. In some cases, additional services may be required, such as power line works, traffic management and council permits.

Onsite Builds

We also offer onsite builds to local areas within a 100km radius of our construction facility in Wonthaggi, Victoria. Using the same sustainable construction materials and methods, we can construct any of our design options onsite.

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