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In our latest video, Ecoliv Director Ashley Beaumont, explains the significance and process behind our most recent modular home, the Jindabyne Project, which is set in a secluded valley on 120 acres of bushland.

Video Transcript

Jindabyne off-grid project is located in the snowy mountains, in New South Wales.

It’s tailored off-grid - including solar power battery storage, 40,000 litres of water and an on-site sewage treatment.

I’m Ashley Beaumont from Ecoliv Sustainable Buildings, located in Victoria. We design and construct prefabricated sustainable homes, and we transport our homes all across Australia.

The Jindabyne off-grid house comprises four bedrooms, with a study area. It also features an open plan living, kitchen dining, with two secluded decks that take in the views of the beautiful river and the natural location.

The delivery process was a two day operation. Driving from our construction site in Victoria, we had a large crane onsite to deliver the modules to their exact locations. It took one day to install. From there, we spent some time here setting up services, decking and landscaping, so that the clients were then able to move in.

The home is designed to withstand a BAL-29 rating, which is Bushfire Attack Level.

At Ecoliv we can design and construct our modular homes to suit any BAL rating around Australia. We’ve built and designed houses in flame zones, and obviously this project is a BAL-29 project. This requires a lot of research so that we can nominate products that can withstand these levels. There are natural timbers, glazing components, and other building components of the house - all designed to meet the Australian standards and meet the BAL rating.

This project, along with all of our Ecoliv projects, are designed with passive solar principles in mind, to make sure the homes are comfortable, all year round. We try and achieve a 7 star minimum rating for each project. To do so, we ensure that the glazing is orientated in the right direction of shading, and ensure there is always some cross-way ventilation to make the house nice and comfortable.

We’ve used sustainable, locally sourced timbers to complement the natural environment. We’ve also tried to limit the effect we’ve had on the land by trying to match the landscape rather than standing out - just trying to nestle in.

The clients also required a house that could withstand the changing climate conditions here at Jindabyne, ranging from below-zero during winter with snowfall and above 30 degrees during summer. To execute this requirement, we’ve designed the house to withstand those elements and also to be comfortable during all seasons.

Ecoliv can assist in transforming your lifestyle along with your home. Like the Jindabyne house, all of our modular homes are designed following an assessment of the site environment in order to personalise the home to its external surroundings and to your specific needs. If you’re interested in finding out more, you can check out our range of Modular Homes or Contact Us to discuss building your own prefab modular home.


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