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Our Approach

We believe that modern luxury is living in comfort without compromising the natural environment. Our sustainably designed and built modular homes minimise negative environmental impacts whilst maximising comfort and wellbeing. Crafted with precision from responsibly sourced and time-tested natural materials, our eco-friendly homes offer beauty and utility with a bold yet understated aesthetic.

We specialise in sustainable modular homes
We specialise in sustainable modular homes

We specialise in sustainable modular homes

New modular homes

Our EcoGeneration and EcoLiving modular home ranges offer all the creature comforts of contemporary home design with sustainable living built in. Learn more about our modular homes.

Modular home designs

Studio + cabins

With impeccable craftsmanship and sustainable design, our EcoHut range of modular homes is ideal for contemporary accommodation and eco-friendly retreats. Learn more about our EcoHut range.

EcoHut range

Custom homes

Ecoliv can custom modular home design to meet your specific requirements so your new home is tailored to suit your unique style, site, household and needs. Learn more about our custom building service.

Learn more

Luxury off-grid living

Our modular buildings are designed for luxury living connected to mains power and water or completely off-grid with the option of adding water tanks, eco septic systems, and solar power and battery systems. Learn more about going off the grid.

Go off-grid
Good for you. And the planet.
Good for you. And the planet.

Good for you. And the planet.

Considered design

Contemporary, functional and luxurious, our award-winning home designs are purposefully created to integrate harmoniously with the environment. Our design DNA is ingrained in the Australian landscape and lifestyle.

Sustainable building

Using locally sourced, renewable, and sustainable building materials along with limiting wastage during the construction process, our eco-friendly approach to building design and construction addresses the needs of the present without compromising the future.

Energy efficient

Climate responsive and operationally efficient, Ecoliv homes harness natural resources to provide a healthy indoor living environment, keeping you comfortable, safe and happy.

Comfort + wellbeing

Designed to increase air circulation, maximise cross-flow ventilation and improve indoor air quality by using low-tox materials, you can breathe easy in your Ecoliv home.

Precision craftsmanship

Made in our entirely off-grid construction facility in Gippsland, our building designs are a marriage of beauty and utility blending contemporary Australian architecture with the natural environment. Every detail is considered and each home is thoughtfully created from frames to finishes.

Carbon neutral

Our EcoGeneration homes are designed to produce enough renewable energy to offset the annual greenhouse gas emissions associated with its energy use. This means EcoGeneration homes are operationally carbon neutral.

Australian made, family-owned.

Ecoliv sustainable modular homes are proudly Australian owned, made with locally and responsibly sourced materials in our Gippsland construction facility.

Ashley Beaumont

Live the dream, naturally.

With a background in building design, Ecoliv founder and director Ashley Beaumont had seen too many poorly planned mega-mansions built with little consideration for environmental impacts, energy efficiency, health and wellbeing.

Ecoliv was founded on the principles of sustainable building design that supports the comfort and wellbeing of occupants, delivers long-term energy efficiency, and protects the natural environment for future generations.

Australian made and locally manufactured, Ecoliv homes make the most of sustainable materials, resources and natural surroundings while embodying a unique and tailored finish. Having evolved significantly over the years, modular buildings have certainly come a long way, both in contemporary architecture and environmentally sustainable construction.

Offering long-term affordability, our award-winning 7-star energy rated modular homes are adaptive and responsive. We design our homes to take advantage of the site and surrounding environment, maximise energy efficiency, and utilise natural resources and sustainable materials.

If you’re considering building your new home sustainably, we invite you to live the dream naturally in an Ecoliv home.


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Enter your details to receive the Ecoliv brochure including our complete range, process, and sustainability guide.