Transport and Delivery

Ecoliv Buildings deliver all across Australia – from narrow inner city sites to remote areas, across the water to Islands and even to Tasmania. Our specialist installation team will co-ordinate all that is required for smooth delivery of your modules to site.

Standard Truck Delivery

transport and delivery

Truck Delivery Video

Each complete module will require a driver, a flatbed truck and a convoy with pilot cars. These pilot cars will help guide the wide loads through the streets and highways to get to your site safely.

Our flatbed trucks have steering axels which enable maximum manoeuvrability around corners and elevate or lower the load to avoid obstacles such as fence posts and powerlines.

Where clear site access is available our delivery trucks deliver the modules on site and use a hydraulic system to manoeuvre the modules onto pre prepared footings.

Costs of a standard truck delivery depend on the distance of the route required to get to your site from our construction facility. This may not always be the most direct route as our trucks are permitted by authorities to travel on certain roads during certain times. We can provide preliminary estimates on the costs of transport and delivery per module during the Preliminary Estimate Stage.

Crane Delivery

transport and delivery

Crane Delivery Video

For sites with limited access a crane delivery of your modules may be required. As each site is different, a full site assessment will be undertaken to ensure smooth co-ordination of truck and crane set up areas and assess the radius of delivery. In some cases additional services may be required such as power line works, traffic management and council permits.

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Modular Home Size and Dimensions

Modular homes have size limitations which are dependent on state transport regulations for various roadways. The maximum module size for each project needs to be compatible with transport, local access and installation constraints.

The maximum size of our standard modules are typically 4.5m wide and up to 15m long. However in some instances we can construct to a 5m width provided that clear site access is achievable for our trucks to deliver.

Download the Ecoliv Brochure to view our module sizes.

black and white truck module dimensions