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St Kilda Project Video

In this video, we walk through the whole process of Janine and Alex’s renovation project, from construction to after they’ve moved in and settled. The couple talk about their experiences with Ecoliv, and how they were involved in the transformation of their home along the way. 


Video Transcript


Clint: In this building we’ve kept the historical facade, and put in three modules to the rear. All’s going well and we look forward to the clients moving in.

Janine and Alex: We’re proud owners of fifty-eight Chaucer Street, and this a very exciting day.

Janine: Initially we got the idea from our daughter. She has built two Ecoliv modules, and they’re so fantastic. As Alex said, we’re happily watching our own be built.

Janine: The highlight now that we’ve moved in is the fact that it’s actually better than what we imagined. We knew it’d be fabulous, but it’s better than what we imagined.

Alex: I think the smoothness of the project comes down to much more than luck. I think it’s that we worked with Ecoliv step by step. They were so patient, we could just work through our ideas and options. I think that is why we’re so happy with the result.

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