ecoliv factory construction.

Ecoliv Buildings are constructed in our controlled factory environment and are delivered as a whole building unit utilising our standard prefabricated modules. Each project is constructed to the highest degree of finish and includes all plumbing, electrical, fixtures and fittings as opposed to being delivered in kit form or separate components which are assembled on site.

Our construction methods provide the opportunity to take control of the quality and speed of completion of the final product and ensure our onsite works and associated disturbances are minimised.

The benefits of factory construction are:

  • 1. Its quick! Ecoliv homes are built within 14 weeks
  • 2. Cost Effective
  • 3. Controlled factory environment ensures quality control
  • 4. No weather or material delivery delays
  • 5. Minimal site disturbance
  • 6. Noise pollution is minimized
  • 7. Materials wastage is minimized