Sustainable Construction

Ecoliv Buildings are constructed in our controlled construction facility and are delivered as a whole volumetric building unit or module. When each module leaves the construction facility it is 95% complete with walls, floor, ceiling, wiring, plumbing and interior fixtures and fittings installed. Modules can be connected side by side, on top or even attached to an existing structure as an extension.

Our construction methods provide the opportunity to take control of the quality and speed of construction and onsite works and associated site disturbances are minimised. With construction waste contributing to up to 40% of landfill each home is designed and constructed to minimise overall waste.

What are the benefits of modular homes factory construction?

  • 1. Its quick! Ecoliv homes are built within 14 weeks
  • 2. Cost Effective
  • 3. Controlled factory environment ensures quality control
  • 4. No weather or material delivery delays
  • 5. Minimal site disturbance
  • 6. Noise pollution is minimized
  • 7. Materials wastage is minimized

Sustainable Timber Construction

Our construction methods focus on utilising plantation timber sourced from Gippsland’s renewable plantations. Using timber in construction significantly reduces environmental impacts during construction, operation and eventual demolition. Here’s why we prefer timber:

Natural – Timber is non-toxic, low in VOC’s, is safe to handle and construct with.
Renewable – Timber is the most renewable and sustainable material on the planet which provides both environmental and performance benefits.
Recyclable – Timber can be recycled and reproposed over its life cycle until it naturally breaks down.
Low in embodied energy – It takes very little energy to convert tress into timber making it the lowest embodied energy of all building materials.
A store for carbon – Timber is made from carbon drawn from the atmosphere which would otherwise be adding to the Greenhouse effect.
Good insulator – Timber is a natural insulator and can reduce energy needs when used in floors, doors and windows.
Flexible - Its superior versatility and lightweight properties make timber easy to work with simple equipment which reduced energy consumption during construction.

Ecoliv Construction Options

100% Timber Construction for Standard Truck Delivery
For sites that can have clear access for a straightforward truck delivery, we construct with 100% timber which is the most cost effective and sustainable construction method. A site analysis will determine viability for a standard truck delivery.

Timber/Steel Construction for Crane Delivery
For more challenging sites with limited access or multi storey designs, we deliver modules to site via truck and crane lift each module into place. Crane lifting modules requires some steel in the construction to enable the crane to attach and lift the module. Our Engineers design the steel component to suit your design and delivery method.

Built on site
We also offer on site builds to local areas within 100km radius of our construction facility in Wonthaggi, Victoria. Our trades will use the same sustainable construction materials and methods to construct any of our design options on site. Although onsite construction doesn’t achieve the same time efficiencies and site disturbance issues as constructing in our controlled factory environment, we can still ensure your home is sustainable and energy efficient.