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Custom Designs

Looking to build your new home or commercial premises, but would like it tailored to suit your style, taste and needs? Ecoliv can custom design to meet your requirements. Whether you’d like a modular combination of our standard living options, or a complete custom design, our experienced team work with you to make it happen.

Our professional building designers work closely with you during the Preliminary Design and Development stage, to create your perfect custom module configuration.

Ensuring compliance with our construction and delivery methods, our team can orient your design to suit your site and deliver as a complete building or to extend your existing home. Achieving passive solar principles and optimal energy ratings, our standard living options provide compact, yet functional spaces to live, work and play.

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Step 1.

You select your preferred living options

Our range of standard living options provide compact yet functional and flexible spaces which can be configured in a range of module combinations.

Step 2.

We configure the arrangement of your modules

Our professional building designers work closely with you during the preliminary design and development stage to configure your preferred living options into modules, while complying with size requirements for our construction and delivery methods.

Step 3.

We select optimal building orientation and placement on your site

To maximise the benefits of passive solar design and achieve the highest energy rating possible, we advise on the best site orientation for your custom modular prefab design.

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