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Sustainable homes post Covid-19

How will they look?

The current pandemic that is shaking up life as we know it has had many people reflecting on and changing how they live. From homeschooling, working from home or creating a space for self care (meditation, exercise) the way we live may never be the same. With these considerations in mind the way we design and construct homes for the future will be a resulting outcome of a post covid-19 world. Here's how we think sustainable homes post Covid-19 will start to look.

Home offices

While it’s still too early to know exactly how life will look post Covid-19, early indications point to a continuation of working from home where possible. The vastly popular open plan living design has been tested with household members vying for a productive and private space.

Sustainable modern home designs post Covid-19 may begin to move away from large open plan spaces to flexible multi-functional zones that are perfect working sanctuaries for focussed professionals.

The workspaces in the home will be designed for optimised productivity in mind. Lighting and acoustics will be taken into consideration to areas of the home that aren’t dissimilar to commercial offices.

Working from home is not the only new activity to take into account. While designing post pandemic houses, many will consider home gyms too and areas for relaxation and mindfulness. A place of comfort where families will spend more of their time compared to pre covid-19.



Though many homebuilders are already taking resource efficiency into consideration while designing a home, this will be a more prominent aspect moving forward. As we sink into the beginning of a recession, people will be looking to save on utility consumption like energy and water in their sustainable homes.

At Ecoliv we adhere to our five environmental goals to design and build cost efficient homes. Taking into consideration solar power energy, water and maximum star rating appliances.

Ecoliv includes high performing roof, wall and floor insulation in each construction. Glass wool insulation batts are manufactured using recycled glass bottles and sand. They are non-irritant and fully recyclable as well as thermally and acoustically efficient which is just another way of saving on artificial heating and associated power bills.

Not only are these practices amazing for the planet but also for your pocket!


Another key factor will be cleanliness; the world has recently learnt the importance of sanitisation and hygiene. Designers will not only take into account the sustainability, the quality and the look of materials, but also the antibacterial and antimicrobial qualities. Materials choices that are easy to clean such as porcelain tiles and quartz will be popular. Our clients can choose benchtops from Laminex, Betta Stone and Caesarstone which are made using reclaimed, reconstituted stone and are naturally resistant to stains, cracks, scratches, and heat.

Ecoliv Buildings are made with many considerations. Building a clean and sustainable home that is free of toxins is of utmost importance. We choose low VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints which means the interior surfaces of our homes will have the highest quality paint with the least amount of outgassing.

Sustainable Home Kitchen

Sustainable Home Kitchen

Heyley Project Kitchen


Automatic, touchless taps and toilets will trend as we strive to keep our sustainable homes post Covid-19 germ-free. Perhaps even touchless lighting and voice activated doors. Designer homes of the future will see the rise of touchless technology and smart homes. Think Siri and Google Assistant -  the more things that are voice controlled in a home, the less need to physically touch objects.

Smart Home Technology

Smart Home Technology

Ecoliv 2 Smart Modular Homes


Gone are the days of dust-collecting ornaments on every shelf. Minimalism has been a prominent design style in recent years and with the hit of 2020 pandemic, this simple yet striking design style is here to stay. Yes, Marie Kondo, we hear you.

Less is more and less is… easier to keep clean.


Real indoor plants are certainly having their moment in the sun. Some people go as far as feeling like their living plants in the home are like children or pets; they need sustenance and care to grow and thrive. Being surrounded by living greenery can create a feeling of zen in a home. The big thing this year though, post covid-19, will be their air purifying qualities. Plants that clean the air will be a popular choice for future indoor designs. Not only do these exceptional creatures look incredible and help clean the home, studies have shown that gardening can improve mood, mental health and physical health. Having plants and helping them to grow and thrive can be calming and can also boost creativity.

vadim kaipov zvj8cbiu1is unsplash

Ecoliv - 7 interior design trends

This lifestyle-changing pandemic calls for us to be innovative in our approach towards sustainable design. Our needs will pivot towards homes which incorporate both our personal and professional lives. Despite the challenges Covid-19 may present, Ecoliv is committed to championing sustainability under all circumstances.

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