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6 Sustainable Interiors For Your New Home

Sustainable Building Materials and Sustainable Home Design

At Ecoliv we are inspired by, and aim to protect Australia's natural environment through our choices in using sustainable building materials and reducing our overall environmental impact. We focus on sustainable home design. We have a “green first” mentality which is why we source from companies and trade suppliers who share our values by using sustainable processes and preservation methods to produce the ethical products that go into Ecoliv sustainable homes.

The sustainably-minded new homeowner faces the overwhelming task of determining the environmental credentials of building materials that will be used in their sustainable home. When choosing to build an eco-friendly, Ecoliv home, homeowners will benefit from the research and development and expert analysis of materials that minimise impact on non-renewable resources or on human health.

When building your sustainable home with Ecoliv, you will have the opportunity to select interior finishes to suit your individual style, backed by the confidence that your selections support your environmental values. This article will give you a feel for the interior finishes available in your Ecoliv home so that it represents you, inside and out.

Standard Interior Inspiration Palettes

Creating the ideal sustainable modular home is a rewarding process that allows home-owners to be involved in the design down to the tiniest details. While being creative with colour and material selection can be fun and engaging for some, it may be a challenging task for others. In the same vein as slowing down and simplifying life, we endeavour to simplify the design process for our clients by providing interior palette options to guide the interior finishing selections. Each palette facilitates a particular ambiance and can be used as is, or simply as inspiration for a more customised creation. The curated palettes contain a range of materials within the scope of the standard range to ensure clients can achieve a considered interior design within budget constraints. Alternatively, if budget permits, a range of upgrade materials, fittings and fixtures are available to choose from, to create an interior that aligns with a client’s unique interior preferences.

Sustainable House Design T1

Sustainable House Design T1

Ecoliv: Heyley Project Kitchen

Coastal Palette

The Coastal Palette combines washed and muted tones like Honey Elm, Polar White, and Ocean foam, with natural materials to create a cool, relaxed feeling in your home. Light and breezy, uncluttered and relaxed Coastal style draws from seaside hues, subtly accented with textures, patterns and nature inspired decor without being too bold. The coastal inspiration palette is fresh, subtle, and natural.

eoliv 2

Sustainable Home Design

Sustainable Home Design

Urban Industrial Palette

The Urban Industrial look has become much adored in the contemporary design scene for its emphasis on features that are both functional and contribute to a bold aesthetic. The look combines dark tones and industrial materials with sleek lines and smooth finishes that contribute to the modern, city vibe. The urban industrial look is a sophisticated combination of rough and unpolished, and mixing and layering metallic tones.

ecoliv 4 1  

Sustainable Home Design

Sustainable Home Design

Fresh Scandi Palette

A “less-is-more” approach to design which utilises clean lines, natural materials, and light filled space to create a minimalistic atmosphere - dismissing bold colours and emphasising minimal decorative features. The palette is often comprised of gentle, earthy tones, blonde woods, and white or grey base colours, accompanied by elegant stainless steel appliances. Scandinavian homes are equally as functional as they are warm and inviting.


Sustainable Home Design

Sustainable Home Design

Native Raw Palette

‘Bringing the outside in’ is a design style that has gradually established its longevity beyond that of a seasonal trend. The Native Raw Palette caters to our innate appeal to natural and organic elements that bring us a sense of calm so that we can facilitate our connection to nature from within our own homes. Medium timber tones beside warm whites and earthy greys are elegantly complemented by living decor and natural materials to create a quietly welcoming space that keeps us in tune with the great outdoors.


Sustainable Home Design

Sustainable Home Design

Noir Palette

This is the palette for those who appreciate a sleek and sophisticated home created by expert combination of high-quality materials which embrace the darker, seductive, interior hues. Imagine dark aged timber, night sky benchtops and black joinery and splashbacks. The look is polished with metallic appliances in chrome, brass, or copper which add to the overall luxury of this classy aesthetic.


Sustainable Home Design

Sustainable Home Design

Zen Palette

The Zen Palette celebrates an all white interior which is timeless and elegant and will compliment all styles and locations. Polar white interior finishes with white benchtops and a uniform internal paint colour throughout creates a seamless flow throughout the home which is both striking and understated, catering to an overall minimalist aesthetic.


Sustainable Home Design

Sustainable Home Design

The little details

Naturally, the overall colour palette and major materials that make up walls, floors and countertops contribute most visibly to the look and feel of your Ecoliv home. Of course, there are several other factors that will complete your interior design journey. With the help of the Ecoliv Material Selections Guide, you will transcend through the nuanced features of home design, including door hardware, joinery, splashbacks, lighting and plumbing fittings. As always, Ecoliv materials are selected on the premise of human health and environmental sustainability. It is up to you as the homeowner to decide on what you love, and what feels like home.

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