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Is COVID-Change the Next Sea-Change or Tree-Change?

September 2020

Location and Vision

Located in an idyllic seaside village in Byron Shire, NSW, the South Golden Beach Project epitomises the Australian coastal lifestyle, perfect for those looking for a sea-change or tree-change to move away from city life and work from home surrounded by nature and tranquillity. This pandemic has encouraged many of us to look inwards at what truly matters, and many of us have realised that the spaces we surround ourselves in and the communities we are a part of are very high on the list. With remote working becoming commonplace, it is easy to see why someone would want to embrace a more relaxed, community-focused lifestyle, and prefab modular homes can provide just that.

Byron Shire is a beautiful area famed for its world-class beaches and unique character. It is home to a scattering of villages and towns, each with their own diverse look and feel. South Golden Beach is one such village, a relaxed and laid back town that wraps around a stunning expanse of beach. This home is set right on the edge of a coastal reserve, with the beach only a short stroll away. Perfect for adopting a healthy work-life balance, the South Golden Beach home provides unparalleled access to nature within a vibrant town community when you step away from your desk. In many ways, this prefab modular home truly personifies the Australian dream beachside home, and would make the perfect place for a young family to settle down away from the hustle of a big city.

Design and Specifications

ecoliv sea-change or tree-change

sea-change or tree-change ecoliv

The South Golden Beach home is a tribute to the striking landscape it overlooks. Adopting passive solar principles and maximising the site orientation, the home nestles beautifully into its natural setting. Natural materials, colours, and finishes give the home an organic feel, while the seamless integration of indoor/outdoor zones is maximised by the wrap-around decking. This feature provides you with the ability to enjoy the full expanse of your breathtaking coastal surrounds. If you are looking for a sea-change or tree-change, this property can't be beat.

The single-storey beach home occupies a minimal footprint while still offering flexibility for a young family to enjoy a relaxing coastal lifestyle. Encompassing two modules, this custom designed residence takes advantage of its unique materials and design to maximise natural light and distribute solar energy around the home, resulting in a bright and comfortable space throughout the year.


sea-change or tree-change ecoliv

ecoliv sea-change or tree-change

The South Golden Beach project was designed in accordance with the Ecoliv ethos and construction principles that allow the home to minimise waste, site-disturbance and overall energy used in the manufacturing process. The project was custom built off-site and delivered ready to connect to services. The minimalist contemporary aesthetics serves the practical needs of the inhabitants while creating an experience of understated luxury and simplicity.

The South Golden Beach project is a gorgeous sustainably built coastal home nestled into the Northern Coast of New South Wales. It is thoughtful in both design and construction, incorporating sustainable building practices with aesthetics that complement the surrounding environment. The holiday home adopts the Ecoliv passive solar design principles, allowing residents to enjoy a low-impact, sustainable lifestyle without sacrificing comfort and elegance.

sea-change or tree-change ecoliv

ecoliv sea-change or tree-change

This unprecedented time has allowed many City dwellers to reflect and reassess how and where they would like to live in the future. Many predict there will be a shift towards a sea-change or tree-change, for example, relocating within 2 hours of Melbourne where good infrastructure and fast NBN services are provided.

2020 has proven that productivity and working from home is possible, and that flexible working arrangements will be negotiated into the future.

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