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7 Interior Design Trends 2020

January 2020

New decade, new interior design trends 2020.

This new year marks the beginning of a new decade and with it a move into the next phase of interior design trends. We’ll see the end of certain trends like millennial pink, sharp edges, all-white kitchens, and single-use spaces as design moves towards a more earthy, natural look with added pop in the form of large accent art, textures, and metal cladding rather than over-the-top decor.

Let’s have a look at seven prominent interior design trends that are taking hold in the new decade.

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Interior Design Trends 2020-1: Green 

First interior design trends 2020 is about colour. Although the Pantone colour of the year is Classic Blue many trend forecasters have not conformed and believe Pantone ‘missed the mark’.

Green is emerging as more than a colour in the 2020 design trend as the urgency of climate change and our consumer impact takes centre-stage. Designers and homeowners are aspiring to become more “green” in building materials, appliance efficiency, and practices at home.

Whether it is a coincidence that this new trend coincides with the “green” movement is not certain, but the move towards shades of green in the 2020 palette is absolute. This soft colour green of the new decade takes many names, such as sage, pastel, or as the paint brand Haymes refer, Leek Leaf and Pastel Pine. While there are varying expert opinions on which green will be the star of the decade, most agree that many greens will play a major role as both base and accent colour.  This earthy, soothing colour is a natural pair for the earth tones, indoor plants, handcrafted decor and wellbeing focus we’ll see in the following trends.

Interior Design Trends 2020-2:

Calming Natural Tones and Artisan Wares

As the conscious consumer trend moves into design, homeowners are choosing natural, un-dyed, unprocessed materials to create a soothing, organic feel in their homes while also leaning towards more sustainable and less toxic choices. We’ll be seeing continued use of materials already well in use including timber, linen and rattan alongside earthy paint colours that reflect those of the flora and fauna around us. These neutral tones and materials make a great background for pops of colour like metallic blue, ripe olive green, or lilac.

The natural theme has transitioned into a move towards buying locally-made, handcrafted items and artisanal goods to decorate in a more personal and meaningful way. Houses are quickly showcasing homemade pottery and handcrafted dinnerware as well as hand-knitted wall hangings and uniquely stitched cushions. Wood and clay are making a statement and consumers are whole-heartedly embracing the ‘perfectly-imperfect’ motto.

Interior Design Trends 2020-3:

Mindfulness and Wellbeing

Piggy-backing on the green and natural trends above, the wellbeing and mindfulness movement is definitely making its way into the home in 2020. While homeowners can head to a yoga studio or meditation class, more and more we are seeing the home turn into our own personal sanctuaries. Think low, comfortable couches, pillows on the floor, and calming palettes. More emphasis will be placed on natural light, views of nature, and water sources. Designers are also putting more focus on making kitchen and bathroom spaces that cater to mindful cooking and healthy eating as well as self-pampering and relaxation. Options like low-VOC paint will become more popular and tech items like circadian rhythm lamps and EMF blockers will soon become the norm, while single-use plastic and toxic materials are fading into the distance.

denys nevozhai z0nvqfroqwa unsplash

Interior Design Trends 2020-4:

Patterns, Textures and Accents, Minimal but personal

Minimalism will still have a place in the 2020 design trends, but it will start becoming more personalised with added patterns and textures. Rather than a maximalist style of over-designing, textures will be curated with thoughtfulness and intention. We’ll start seeing less of the all-white kitchens and plain fabrics as florals move to cushions and wallpaper, and patterns are overlaid upon other patterns.

To add a touch of luxurious flare, we’ll start seeing cushions adorned with tassels and fringes. A mix and match of textures throughout the living room will keep things dynamic, and playfulness will be enhanced with colours like forest green and orchid pink amidst natural whites and browns. Thick, super-soft rugs and wall hangings will be more present and there will be plenty of upholstered fabrics using velvet, linen and even corduroy. Soft fabrics will be paired alongside timber, stone and leather for the ultimate tactile experience.

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Interior Design Trends 2020-5:

Curves and Retro

One upcoming trend that many experts can agree on, is the move towards curvaceous furniture and a gentle throwback to the 70’s and 80’s retro design. This means soft shapes rather than hard corners with flowing couches and round mirrors and coffee tables. With a nod to the Art Deco tradition we’ll see metallic wall coverings and shell decor next to the curvy shapes, and we’ll likely see the return of suede while rattan stays on for another season.

Interior Design Trends 2020-6:

Indoor Plants and Outdoor living rooms

One way that Australians are reminding themselves of their impact on the environment is to create more regular connections to nature. Design is making this happen by “bringing the outside in”. This is done by using natural colours, fabrics, and structural materials, choosing earthy colour pallets, and accenting with floral wallpapers and pillow covers etc. as we’ve seen above. One trend that has been on the rise for a few years is the addition of living plants throughout the home. For some time now there have been popular plants like the fiddle-leaf fig and the monstera, but we’re now seeing other favourites such as the cast iron plant, long-lead fig, anthuriums, olive trees, palms, cacti and other succulents. Indoor plants are no new feature for interior design, and they don’t seem to be going anywhere soon. With an emphasis on air purification, earthy palette, connection to nature, and the new green obsession, indoor plants are here to stay.

2020 01 2916 15 58

To complement the “bringing the outside in” design strategies, “bringing the inside out” has become a wonderful addition to emerging design trends. This has manifested in the outdoor room that is quickly becoming a popular trend for 2020. Creating an outdoor room might be a full-on transformation and remodel of an outdoor area, or it may be as simple as adding outdoor furniture, a weather-proof rug and floor cushions, cooking facilities, and a cover overhead. Even a small balcony can be transformed, add some chairs and a coffee table or a small herb garden and some sweet fairy lights. These design methods not only extend but encourage us to embrace the outdoors more frequently.

Interior Design Trends 2020-7:

The Disappearing Kitchen

The final and major interior design trends 2020 is the disappearing kitchen, a design technique that seamlessly integrates the kitchen within the living areas. With an emphasis on multi- rather than single-use spaces throughout the home, the kitchen is being designed as more of an addition to the living room. What started with open-plan design has now moved into specially crafted cabinetry and tech that actually hides the functional aspects of the kitchen while not in use, rendering it as an extension of the social areas of a home. Incorporating the curvy furniture and natural palette from the rest of the home, the kitchen becomes seamlessly integrated into the whole.

2020 01 2916 21 03

We love the move towards combining sustainable practices into design aesthetic as the conscious consumer merges with the homeowner and decorator. What interior design trends 2020 are you incorporating in this year?

For more information on sustainable practices within your home, please visit modular homes.


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